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Web Design Course 1 - SaaS Product

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The truth is harsh. Most designers fail at web design even if their mobile designs are really good.

Let's change that!

🧠 It's a whole different mindset

The web is a much larger canvas that requires a totally different

🖥 We designed hundreds of web products

We worked on banking apps, e-commerce sites, marketplaces, streaming sites and innovative fintechs in both traditional and crypto space.

This is our largest course to date with over 5 HOURS of video materials!

🎉 Now we are sharing all that knowledge with you!

You will learn:

✅ How to plan your project

✅ Setting up a grid and layout

✅ Best navigation practices for the web

✅ Reusables & Components

✅ Readability and hierarchy

✅ Making it unique

✅ Accessibility

✅ And on top of that making it look great!

This is what we'll learn to design together:

⚡️ The preorder

The preorders are closed. We are now at regular price.

🎬 The course

The course will cover screens like:

✅ Dashboards

✅ Forms

✅ Charts and Graphs

✅ Data tables

✅ Grids and visual lists

✅ Making photos and icons look great

✅ Login screens on a large canvas

What you will design?

Our approach is as always to inspire you to create a project of your own. We will show you the path, but what you design will be yours - with your concept of what the SaaS product does, choice of fonts, colors and images.

That way you can put the project in your portfolio and stand out from all those designers showing only mobile apps.

💬 What people say about our courses

Our way of teaching truly works - motivated, disciplined designers who take the courses usually end up getting responses from jobs after months of radio silence or rejections.

🔥 Get it now!

Don't be a mobile-only designer! Get a skill that makes you instantly stand out :-)

I believe this knowledge is so rare online (everyone is teaching how to make apps, not websites) it's 100% worth learning and becoming a multi-skilled designer.

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Web Design Course 1 - SaaS Product

28 ratings
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