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Complete Web Design Bundle

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Three bestselling web courses combined into one, cheaper bundle!

1️⃣ Web Design Dashboards and SaaS products

2️⃣ Then create a beautiful landing page for that product

3️⃣ and at the end make it all responsive! (coming June 7th)

Web design is a unique skill!

Most designers only do mobile apps and completely fail when facing a bigger canvas. Over the years I've worked on hundreds of projects for companies like Nickelodeon, Orange, BMW, Samsung and others!

That knowledge is distilled into three high quality courses teaching you basically all I know about web design.

And I have been doing web design since 1998 :)

You will learn:

✅ Our secret "Textframe" technique to plan the LP

✅ Setting up a grid and layout

✅ LP Header with multiple possible options

✅ Image and text sections (multiple options)

✅ Full-width sections (multiple options)

✅ Dashboards, map views

✅ Three column section that actually looks good (multiple options)

✅ Decoration, color matching

✅ Form design for a wider canvas

✅ Editing images to match the style

✅ Complex data tables

✅ Making data responsive

✅ How to determine the RWD type for a project - based on real world examples

✅ Responsive web apps - step by step

✅ Responsive Landing Page design - with complex sections

And a lot more...


Here's one example of our landing page design.

☝️ In the course we will be doing a different landing page, so this is just to show you the level of quality 😎

Example 2

And here's an example of our web app design from the course:

Students that already finished the courses made projects on this level of quality and made their portfolios truly shine! ❤️

🎬 The courses

The courses are between nearly 12 hours of materials and cover all the graphics design and UI design tricks necessary to make the most common section types for a landing page and tie them together with beautiful visuals. On top of that we learn how to design dashboards, web apps, checkout screens, desktop forms and more. And at the end we make it all responsive including our secret techniques learned in complex, real client projects for the banking, fintech, medical and startup industries.

We will be designing in Figma, but you can also use Sketch or Adobe XD as the knowledge in the course is not Figma specific - it's universal practices of great visual design mixed with our years of professional experience in the field.

What you will design?

Our approach is as always to inspire you to create a project of your own. We will show you the path and I will show multiple approaches to each section (and the header) so you can mix and match them and create something uniquely yours.

There's already enough templates out there that all look the same!

We teach you how to make things yourself.

From scratch. Not just the HOW but also - most importantly THE WHY.

That way you can put the project in your portfolio and stand out from all those designers showing only mobile apps.

💬 What people say about my courses

Our way of teaching truly works - motivated, disciplined designers who take the courses usually end up getting responses from jobs after months of radio silence or rejections.

People get hired after our courses. Right now it's over 1000 people in 2022/2023 that got the first job! 🔥

🔥 Get it now!

Get the bundle now and save 30% on one of those rare skills most designers neglect. Be unique! Be awesome!

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Complete Web Design Bundle

8 ratings
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