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The Ultimate Design Collection

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The Ultimate Design Collection

Square Planet academy
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This is a mega-bundle of all of my video courses. It contains 7 already existing courses and three upcoming ones that will be added soon.

These courses are currently used by thousands of designers to level up, earn more, get their first job or a promotion. Just see the testimonials below :)

Save $135!

Regular price for all of these separately is $455

✨ Bundle price: $320

You save 30%.

Courses included:

✅ Mobile App UI Course 1

✅ Mobile App UI Course 2

✅ Web Design Course 1 - SaaS products

✅ Web Design Course 2 - Landing Pages

✅ Web Design Course 3 - RWD (⚠️ Coming soon)

✅ The Boring UI Course

✅ How to Present your Work

✅ UI Case Study Course

✅ Designer of the Future (⚠️Coming soon)

✅ Boring UI Course 2 - Components + Auto-layouts (⚠️ Coming soon)

Courses length

Over 40 hours of total content with 30 hours already available Today!

Who made this?

💬 What people say about our courses

Our way of teaching truly works - motivated, disciplined designers who take the courses usually end up getting responses from jobs after months of radio silence or rejections.

People get hired after our courses. Right now it's in the HUNDREDS! 🔥

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Access to 7 courses right now and 3 extra ones when they become available

Video length
40 hours
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