How to Present Your Work (Mini Video Course) (ENG)

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Hello friends! 👋

📆 Release date: December 1st

⏱ Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes


Presenting your work the right way, can lead to a dramatically different way others look at it, and as a result it benefits how they look at you as a designer.

You will learn to:

⚡️ create your own clay and minimal device mockups

⚡️ arrange the designs into grids (including special techniques like the 13° rule)

⚡️ Add overlays, objects, bitmaps to make your designs more alive

⚡️ pick the right order of your designs in the presentation, so that it has proper weight and is not boring

⚡️ apply proper shadows and background techniques

⚡️ use floating overlays

⚡️ And a lot more!

All of that condensed into a short, to-the-point course that's pure knowledge, no filler.

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Access to a 2 hour video course delivered through HYPE4.Academy mid November. The course covers all the techniques of showcasing your UI projects in the best way, including creating your own mockups, picking overlay elements, backgrounds, text and more.

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How to Present Your Work (Mini Video Course) (ENG)

10 ratings
I want this!