Design Better UI: Mobile Apps (Part 1: Learn the Basics) (Video Course) (ENG)

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Why should you learn UI design?

UI is becoming more and more important in the workplace. Designers that can do high-fidelity visuals are often paid more than their friends who end their work on low-fidelity wireframes. This trend is only going to continue. 

Done my research

This year I analysed over 500 projects made by beginner designers during my feedback rounds and I distilled all the most common mistakes into a set of rules you can use for any app design in the future. 

What you will learn:

⭐️ To design a mobile app including a full login, registration flow

⭐️ To create a variety of screen types including a map view, checkout process, tabs, cards, lists and more! 

⭐️ To pick the right fonts and colors for your project

⭐️ What to avoid and how to solve the most common problems

⭐️ How to create a "Red Square Method" grid for your design that will make it instantly look good.

⭐️ And my entire app design workflow including all the tips and tricks I've learned over the course of my 20 years of design experience

💰 If you don't have our Book yet (Designing User Interfaces), you will also get a code to get 35% off of that product.

Hundreds of designers got their first job after this course!

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Course Length

⏱ The video materials are 4 hours long  

Video Format

The course will be delivered via a web based video platform at

Full course outline below

If you want me to unlock more free/bonus contents in the course, please share this page on social media! 🥰 *The outline is subject to change on release as we plan to pick the best content out of everything we recorded.

This is part 1. The second part is already out and it's dedicated to more advanced designers who want to work with SUPER high fidelity, creating decorations and more. This part of the course however, is perfect for beginners who want their apps to always look great and will cover everything you need for a UI design role.

People who couldn't get to an interview for a job before, are now getting hired because of how they progressed with this course :)

⚠️ Bundle alert!

There's also a bundle of THIS course and part 2, that's $20 cheaper. You can get it here:

I talk about it in a video too.

The rest is up to you 🎉

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~4 hours of video content
PDF with course outline
Sketch and Figma files of all the source project
100 icons you can use in all your designs
A special updated (larger) version of our clay mockups to showcase your designs
35% discount on Designing User Interfaces eBook
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Design Better UI: Mobile Apps (Part 1: Learn the Basics) (Video Course) (ENG)

45 ratings
I want this!