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Ultimate Design Portfolio Bundle - Video Course

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Ultimate Design Portfolio Bundle - Video Course

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Hello friends! 👋

⏱ Course video time: over 6 hours

❤️ Many designers who finished these courses reported they are now getting invited to job interviews or have gotten their dream job after months of rejections! That's AWESOME!

Case study for UI?

Most Junior designers think that their initial case studies need to showcase the entire UX process, with multiple instances of research - to be considered "good UX".

This is not really the case, unless you want to become a UX researcher. If, however, Design is your passion, you don't need to treat your case studies as overcomplicated, tl:dr term papers.

The goal for your portfolio and as a result for your case studies is to show the recruiters or clients that you understand how to solve problems using design. It's not about ticking boxes for personas, empathy maps and so on.

What's important is to show that you take conscious decisions, based on (some) research and you understand all the principles necessary to create a successful product.

And because people "buy" with their eyes (including recruiters) I will teach you how to write a case study (including some basic research you can do) for your beautiful UI shots.

Case studies like that are less boring, more visually engaging and make it easier to actually find a job.

How to present your work?

I will also teach you how to present your work - both making your high fidelity mockups stand out, and even how to make low-fidelity wireframes look beautiful!

It's NOT a "template" - it's a process you can learn, adjust and follow

I will teach you how to create a case study that you understand how to later build from. It's not a "15 minute template" - that's useless. These case studies teach you the reasons for all the elements and how they work with each other.

I will teach you how to create ALL these sections 👆quickly and with style!

You will learn to:

⚡️ present both your low and high fidelity work beautifully

⚡️ create dribbble / behance shots from your projects

⚡️ structure your case study

⚡️ pick the research techniques that you can quickly do with no extra costs

⚡️ add sections that show your holistic approach to the project

⚡️ show data in a visually attractive way

⚡️ use storytelling to engage the reader

⚡️ create a compelling case study based on your "practice UI shots" - with revisions

⚡️ hierarchy strips, in-context designer

⚡️ And a lot more!

We will be doing:

All of that condensed into two short, to-the-point courses that's pure knowledge, no filler.

It will dramatically improve your chances of getting clients and recruiters interested ❤️


So don't wait, get this amazing bundle right now and learn to become job ready! ❤️

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Over 6 hours of video on presenting your work and then structuring, planning, researching and writing your case study from your existing UI design shots. Updated with an extra hour of up to date materials in February 2023.