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Web Design Course 2 - Landing Pages

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Join over 3417 others and get this bundle to:

✅ Design beautiful landing pages

✅ Learn the unique typeframing technique (only I teach it!)

✅ Know layout and hierarchy of long, complex web projects

✅ Edit photos and decorations that make a difference

✅ Design in multiple styles

The truth is harsh.

Most designers fail at web design even if their mobile designs are really good. But if you think that's the hardest level of skill then think again.

Enter... Landing Pages!

Landing pages are an odd mix of UI design, UX planning and good old graphics design.

That makes them even more difficult to do well than normal web design.

But don't worry, because...

🖥 We love designing landing pages

We designed literally over a hundred different landing pages.

From Nickelodeon European campaigns, through complex fintech products all the way to service businesses and dozens of startups.

🎉 Now we are sharing all that knowledge with you!

You will learn:

✅ Our secret "Textframe" technique to plan the LP

✅ Setting up a grid and layout

✅ Header with multiple possible options

✅ Image and text sections (multiple options)

✅ Full-width sections (multiple options)

✅ Embedded videos

✅ Three column section that actually looks good (multiple options)

✅ Decoration, color matching and a lot more!

Here's one example of our landing page design.

☝️ In the course we will be doing a different landing page, so this is just to show you the level of quality 😎

The course is for both juniors, and already employed designers - teaching techniques that help you level up

How my courses help people progress

🎬 The course

The course is between 4 and 5 hours and covers all the graphics design and UI design tricks necessary to make the most common section types for a landing page and tie them together with beautiful visuals.

We will be designing in Figma, but you can also use Sketch or Penpot as the knowledge in the course is not Figma specific - it's universal practices of great visual design mixed with our years of professional experience in the field.

What you will design?

Our approach is as always to inspire you to create a project of your own. We will show you the path and I will show multiple approaches to each section (and the header) so you can mix and match them and create something uniquely yours.

There's already enough templates out there that all look the same!

We teach you how to make things yourself. From scratch.

That way you can put the project in your portfolio and stand out from all those designers showing only mobile apps.

About me

💬 What people say about our courses

Our way of teaching truly works - motivated, disciplined designers who take the courses usually end up getting responses from jobs after months of radio silence or rejections.

Companies are also using these courses to quickly and efficiently upgrade the skills of their in-house designers!

🔥 Get it now!

✅ Level up your web design skill

✅ Be in the 5% of designers who can do Web design

If web design is a rare skill, then landing pages are what makes you a true unicorn.

They're super difficult to learn, but with our guidance doing them beautifully will get A LOT easier! ❤️

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Web Design Course 2 - Landing Pages

18 ratings
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