No Bullshit Guide to UX (eBook) (ENG)

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The guide you've been waiting for!

✅ No nonsense approach - focusing ONLY on what matters

✅ Most important UX concepts presented in simple, easy to understand language

✅ Based on my 23 years of experience and 500+ projects completed

✅ How a big part of the industry REALLY works

✅ Learn industry secrets

Dark patterns, stakeholder struggle

✅ UX Research that's really used

✅ UX Methods that are rarely EVER used vs the ones that are

What's the book about?

I'm sharing my professional experience (23 years of designing, hundreds of products) with you, on how UX is being really done. Most junior portfolios are all about showing your skills, but very often these skills are never used in any real work after that.

🔥 I'm going to share with you what really IS important and what has worked great in our years of professional work.

Version 2

At 180 pages version 2 of the book is complete. Now I will be gathering feedback and improving that version. By the end of this year at least another 100 pages will be added completely free for everyone who has a copy.

↗️ This book will GROW!

Traffic light system

For that I will be using a traffic light system. If a process, method or concept is something we used very often, it will get a green light.

In the example below, competitive analysis gets a 🟢 green light because we do it for nearly every single project.

If it's something we barely ever use, it will get a red light. Personas, while a good thing for a junior portfolio, are not really used as much in the real world, they get a 🔴 red light, and in the book I will show you what we use instead.

But even the things we don't use, will be thoughtfully explained - in very simple words.

A no-nonsense approach

My goal is to help you understand UX from my perspective. There will be no filler in the book. Only the most important information delivered in an easy to learn way!

After release, I will be doing surveys, ask questions and shape the next, upcoming parts of this book so they fit exactly what people need!

⭐️ Extra TL;DR Edition

My goal for this book is to be brief and to the point. But once you finish reading, going back for a refresher can be even simpler. That's why I'm making a TL;DR (Too Long;Didn't Read) version which will have every concept from the main book explained in JUST 3-4 sentences. A super-condensed version of the main book. That version will come when Version3 of the main book is completed with all the updates.

I'm a designer with over 23 years of industry experience. I worked on projects for some of the largest brands in the world, and with lots of small, agile startups. My experience ranges from finance, banking, through videogames and all the way to pregnancy tracking app.

My articles on design have been read nearly 3 Million times, and have been published in many respected publications. My previous book, Designing User Interfaces is the largest, most comprehensive and super-popular book on the subject.

First opinions are in

🚀 The price will go up by another $5 when Version 3 releases! Get it now to get that update for free :)

All the best,

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The book and free updates/new chapters for 2022.

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No Bullshit Guide to UX (eBook) (ENG)

59 ratings
I want this!