F*!#ing Designers Guide to UI

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Constraints and simple rules for your design not to suck.

Recommended for junior designers in their 1st or 2nd year of learning.


This $1 ebook is my way of guiding you through your first year of UI design with SAFE, tested ideas about:

✅ Colors

✅ Icons

✅ Spacing

✅ Fonts

✅ Hierarchy strips

✅ What to avoid

It's my way to ensure you don't experiment too much, and, avoiding fomo you'll learn faster and MUCH BETTER.

This book will grow with time, and will include new chapters.

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A 1$, 45 page book that will help you not suck at UI design and grow your skills faster.

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F*!#ing Designers Guide to UI

109 ratings
I want this!