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How to Master Freelancing - Become Your Own Boss! (Video Course) (ENG)

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Hi Friends! 👋

I made a couple of very successful, paid video courses before that have helped countless designers level up and get their dream jobs.

This time I'm taking a different, experimental approach!

I started a completely FREE video course on Freelancing. It's free, because I'm using YouTube as a platform for delivery, and YouTube ads as monetization.

I want as many people as possible to learn with me, so the more of us join, the more episodes I will be able to add.

Why me?

I've been doing freelance for about 15 years, and transformed my solo career into a successful agency ( I went from working on super low-budget projects for small clients, all the way to Fortune-100 companies in just a few years.

Now I distill all I've learned about freelance into a no-filler course for you!

What people say?

You can read what people said about my other books and courses:

Watch it now!

The first video with the most important tips and overview is already out, get the course to watch it RIGHT NOW.

After that we will cover:

✅ How to get clients

✅ Greatly improve your portfolio

✅ Set the right rates

✅ Work-life balance for higher quality work

✅ Your offer, but better

✅ Improving your chances in online paid contests

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The more people sign up for the course, the more EXTRA materials I will be adding to it. The plan is to publish each episode every 7-10 days.

I will be also listening to all your feedback on what to add to it - so it's a living, growing course that uses research to deliver the most useful knowledge possible :)

Why subscribe?

If you get this course right now you will receive:

✅ A link to the first video to watch it RIGHT NOW

✅ A link to surveys so you can help me shape future videos with suggestions on what to cover

✅ Extra articles and small PDF's with checklists that you don't get ANYWHERE else

✅ Regular updates on when the next episode comes out

Let's rock the freelance game together!

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How to Master Freelancing - Become Your Own Boss! (Video Course) (ENG)

66 ratings
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