Bad Design - The Course

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What is it?

I decided to distill the knowledge I got from my students that managed to get a job this year - even in this economy.

Took all that, created a set of common patterns and then decided to talk about it from the other perspective.

🚩 There are multiple RED FLAGS in all aspects of what a junior shows to the world.

We need to identify them, plan a solution and solve them. That's why we're focusing on BAD design on purpose!

We'll start with what NOT to do in both your portfolio and your UI/UX designs.

First :

In terms of portfolio and resume we'll cover:

✅ Having real experience without real experience

✅ ATS Compliant Resumes

✅ Converting portfolio, heatmap analysis and adjustments

✅ Finding your ideal employer and adjusting to their needs


We'll take a look at both UI and UX, but from a different perspective.

I trust you already have some skills either from your own learning or from my other courses.

So I'll cover:

✅ What is BAD UI and how to know if mine is bad? (Lots of examples that are the most common and noticable by recruiters)

✅ What is BAD UX and how to spot it in your portfolio and later in your work projects

✅ What is BAD information architecture and how to master it!

With love,

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Most important skills you learn:
Understanding BAD design and how to rework your portfolio and resume to GREATLY increase your chances of getting a job
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Bad Design - The Course

5 ratings
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