Auto Layout - The Boring Guide

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Join 2000 others and get this course to be:

✅ Highly skilled in understanding layout

✅ Ultra-fast at visual processing

✅ Ready for analysing AI layouts

✅ Strong at layout and grid fundamentals

✅ A versatile confident designer

And learn my unique techniques like Red Square Method and Hierarchy Strips

Here's a story about Auto-Layout

Auto Layout is one of the most universally accepted design consistency methods out there.

Yet... most designers do it completely wrong!

I reviewed thousands of junior projects and noticed that many designs were very bad at the core. Auto Layout was applied - sure, but the design simply sucked. The automatic alignment didn't help, and in reality it hindered the problem solving because it wasn't applied ...

... At the right time

I decided to change that and created a course about Layout and Auto Layout. It means I teach you what to do BEFORE applying Auto Layout so it doesn't suck, and then how to apply it like we do when working for Banks, Med-Techs and other big brands with huge, complex projects.

Those skills of course also transfer to your portfolio building and startups!

You will learn:

✅ How to use the Red Square Method like a pro

✅ Balance of optical design

✅ Blockframing, typeframing and hierarchy strips refresh

✅ Planning the Auto Layout for complex components

✅ How to do good Responsive Design

✅ When NOT to use Auto Layout

✅ Simple, most-common, reusable design components

✅ What are soft grids

✅ And how Auto Layout works in tools other than Figma (just in case)

✅ Plus all my unique techniques and methods...

Main info

🚨 What tool?

The majority of course exercises (80%) is done in Figma.

There are two smaller chapters on Penpot and Sketch, which will help you understand how their application of Auto Layout differs so you're ready if you ever need to switch.

I want to future proof your skills :)

🎬 The course

The course is 3+ hours of video materials and covers all major components that benefit from auto-layout and are also the most useful components designers can make (list, simple cards, complex cards, grids).

🎤 Spoken language:

🇺🇸 English

💬 Subtitles:

🇺🇸 English

🇫🇷 French

🇪🇸 Spanish

🇵🇹 Portuguese

🇵🇱 Polish

Learn to truly SEE a design

But you know what? The most important thing about this course is not even the Auto Layout part. That's a cherry on top. The most important is the ability to truly SEE a layout when looking at a design. That way you can:

✅ See potential improvements

✅ See bad alignment

✅ Notice Auto-Layout messing up (and it does!)

Quickly analyse UI - it's like magic!

And that is the whole point! 🫡

❤️ What people say about Boring UI part 1?

Boring UI Course (previous part) has been my most successful course to date. It currently has almost 10,000 designers enrolled and one word that I get the most about it from people is ...

🔥 T R A N S F O R M A T I V E !

Meaning people really leveled up big time with it. This time the plan is exactly the same! To transform you into a future-ready, amazing designer with an eye for design that feels unreal!

Who made this?

If you don't know who I am, here's a brief summary!

💬 What people say about our courses

Our way of teaching truly works - motivated, disciplined designers who take the courses usually end up getting responses from jobs after months of radio silence or rejections.

People get hired after our courses. Right now it's in the HUNDREDS! 🔥

Book your slot now and learn how to design beautiful UI components that you can then modify and re-use in ALL your projects.

Learn what really matters in day-to-day UI design!

With love,

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3h+ video
Most important skills you learn:
Optical Layout, Red Square Method, Proper use of Auto Layout, Auto Layout flexibility, Creative UI problem solving
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Auto Layout - The Boring Guide

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